“C-ZANN E is a creative design house that believes fashion comes from those who wear it.”

It’s expressed in our designs, which are based on sophisticated yet simple lines that transform with the movement of the wearer.  It is the individual that brings meaning to the outfit.  In essence, the final element of our design is always the person wearing it. 

"Korean + Avant-Garde" + "Minimalism Design"

The designer’s concept is inspired by the Minimalism and Korean Hanbok costum which is beauty of simplicity and clean line.

C-ZANN E is creative design based in New York & Seoul and is private designer label life style brand which presents two separate lines C-ZANN E, collection line and CIE-Z E, casual line.  


TEL : 82 10-8914-6418 l info.czanne@gmail.com
CS(Korea) 13:00 ~ 18:00, Weekend by Appointment.

C-ZANN E  Seoul Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021  .Into ’Morning Calm’ -From The Land of Morning Calm"  Morning Calm is the end of darkness and the starting of the sunrise, the most peaceful and hopeful time for the beginning of the new era.It is about the new beginning of an era full of passion and energy. Black, gray, and white involves calmness of the early morning. And the upcoming moment of sunrise -the start of the light- reveals the colors of yellow, purple, navy with a hint of black   Expressed calmness with simple but sophisticated lines with the twist of Avant-garde.

C-ZANN E | Spring/Summer 2021 | Seoul Fashion Week    "My Arirang of Our Generation"